Atwater by Paramount Property Development

Land Area: 5.09 acres Residential: 2.18 acres
Number of Blocks: 2 Towers Residential 2 Block Offices
Total : 493 units
Tower 1 (Lifestyle Tower) : 310 units Tower 2 (Family Tower) : 183 units
Tower 1 : 26 Levels Tower 2 : 23 Levels
Leasehold (expiring 2116)
Completion Date: Q1 2022

Example calculations: Unit Type c1, size:703sqft, 2 Bedroom (Smaller units sold out)
SPA price: RM632,500
Rebate 10%: RM63,250
(bumi 10+5, 5% cashback)
Net Price& Loan Amount: RM569,250
Monthly installment,30/35years loan: RM2700/RM2850
Expected Rental- RM2500-RM3000

-Whole Section 13 redevelopment,to change section 13 into PJ Hotspots,Entertainment and Center of PJ Commercial Hub

PROPCAFE™ Review: Petaling Jaya Section 13 @ Selangor

PROPCAFE™ Review: Atwater @ Petaling Jaya Section 13 by Paramount Property

-High potential of capital appreciation,could be the next Bangsar South
-Low Density only 493units,2 tower
-Easy ownership,10% rebate

-Slightly pricey compare to Ryan&Miho
-When whole total redevelopment of section 13 completed,there’s a chance of traffic congested if it’s not properly planned by MBPJ

Development nearby Jaya One & Atwater:
1. Ryan & Minho(1084 units, high density), 20m away- 676sqft-990sqft (RM550,000-RM1,108,900)
2. Lumi Tropicana PJ,1.2km away- 862sqft-2218sqft (RM788,730-RM2,2029,470)
3. Pacific Star, 1.3km away- 374sqft-1242sqft (RM435,984-RM1389,800)
4. PJ Midtown,2.1km away- 613sqft-1227sqft (RM567,840-RM1,576,680)
5. High Park Suites,6.2km away- 452sqft-840sqft (RM433,800-RM8XX,XXX)

Afiq Azam
Property Consultant
IQI Global Sdn Bhd

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